Unclaimed funds: get yours now!
Locate Lost & Unclaimed Money

Locate and Reclaim Your Lost Money

It's your money! Six out of every ten Americans are owed a share of a $1 trillion jackpot consisting of uncashed checks and non-refunded deposits, forgotten bank accounts and safe deposit boxes, abandoned stocks and bonds, unpaid insurance and retirement benefits, and a host of other financial assets.

These items became abandoned in the eyes of the law after the original owners or rightful heirs failed to "communicate an interest" in them. Failure to communicate an interest can be as simple as not making a deposit or withdrawal to an account over a period of time, failing to apply for a benefit, insurance policy payout, credit or refund due, holding any uncashed check, money order, or gift certificate, even having a statement or other correspondence returned by the post office as "undeliverable."

Locate Unclaimed Assets - Money, Accounts, Property

Unclaimed property can be almost anything. Unclaimed or Abandoned Funds are monies which are being held by numerous agencies until the owner claims them.

Some of the possibilities of unclaimed funds or abandoned money:

Saving & Checking Accounts. Payroll Checks. Tax Returns. Insurance Policies. Mortgage Insurance Refunds. Security Deposits. Stock Dividends. Refunds. And so much more!